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"Recycled Glass"

appeared in January 2013 in Rougarou. Click here.


was published in the first edition of The Fairhaven Literary Review and won $250 as best of the issue. The Fairhaven Literary Review is available as an ebook and for Kindle and Nook.

"The Art of Bloodletting"

is forthcoming in Prose American.

"The Wand"

is forthcoming in Broken Mirrors, Fractured Minds, an anthology to be published by Vamptasy in the fall.

"Wicked Away"

is a winner in the Mithra Publishing paranormal fiction contest and will be published in The Other Side anthology.

Listen to the Reader's Entertainment Interview with Fred McGavran from Oct 11:

"Larson Bennett and the Flight into Egypt"

appeared in Legal Studies Forum in January 2012. For a copy, contact editor Jim Elkins at jelkins@labs.net.

"The Idea of a Virtual University"

appeared in What the Fiction in February.

"The Many Skulls of Gañor Santos"

was published by Dark Rivers Press in its Tales from the River anthology available on Amazon.com.

"A Count in the Afternoon"

was published by Blue Cubicle Press in its Workers Write/Tales of the Combat Zone anthology

"'The link between butterflies and dreams is poorly understood.' So begins the title story of this wry and witty collection, narrated by a henpecked husband who, it turns out, has Alzheimer's disease. So the reader has doubts, even as the story begins. It is not just unusual; it is bizarre for the narrator to be the victim of a mental condition he can't control. But his condition isn't pitiable; it is comical."
Bill Pratt, Miami University, World Literature Today

"Sometimes lawyers really can write...Few, however, transform themselves from writers of the arcane, unadorned language of the law into authors of fiction that both frightens and stirs as well as Fred McGavran's The Butterfly Collector."
JoAnn Baca, The Federal Lawyer, May 2011

"McGavran's debut collection proves him to be an accomplished storyteller. I will go so far as to say he is a master "getter-inside-of-characters' psyches;" whether this comes from his innate sense of story, his training in creative writing, or his legal practice, I could not say, but most of the stories have a natural ease about them, and an insightful understanding of what makes people tick."
James Murray-White, The Short Review

"Fred McGavran is a hard writer to categorize. Reviewers often focus on his fiction that revolves around law and justice, or the lack of it. He had been compared to John Grisham, with good reason, because McGavran is also a lawyer, like Grisham, and is similarly adept at convincingly relaying the details of the legal world. He is arguably better at characterization than Grisham, however, and I would gladly follow the character of Harris Scintilton into a novel, or several of them."
Debra Lechner, Hayden's Ferry Review